Why Choose Everett Custom Homes to Build Your New Home

Why Choose Everett Custom Homes to Build Your New Home

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Why Choose Everett Custom Homes?

Your home is the most important purchase you’ll ever make. Your home is everything – where you live, love, work and play. It’s where you will open your eyes in the morning and set your head to rest at night. What could be more important than buying a home that’s perfect for you?

You can search and search, but you’ll never find a pre-built home that’s just right. There will always be compromises. But if compromising on your home – the place that should be your sanctuary – isn’t what you want, then choosing an Everett custom-built home is the right decision.

Why? Let’s count the ways:

1. We take pride in quality workmanship.

Custom Home Builder in Charlotte NC - Quality CraftmanshipThose aren’t just words to us. It’s our guiding principle.

You see, it’s taken 92 years to get where Everett Custom Homes is today. Not very many other builders can say that. My grandfather, Everett, was a skilled carpenter/craftsman who started off making custom-built cabinets. He was proud of taking the time to build beautiful, well-built furniture that would last nearly forever and bring joy to their owners. He taught me the importance of doing everything with precision and care. He taught me never to cut corners, never to settle for second-best.

These days, it seems like the guiding principle of many building firms is to get it done fast and cheap. Making a quick profit seems to be the point, and there’s no care for how well their product will last. I just don’t believe in that. For me, the pride I take in our craft is key. I could never settle for building a home that’s not up to my grandfather’s standards. Producing a beautiful, well-built home, customized just for you, that’s made to last – that is the most important thing. Knowing my clients are getting a home that they will love makes all our hard work worthwhile. I named the company after my grandfather to honor his values. It may sound corny, but building quality homes is why I get up in the morning. Building homes is my passion, and I hope my grandfather would be proud of how I have followed his principles.

2. We pay personal attention to building your home.

As the owner of Everett, I will be there on the job site every day to make sure everything is going well. Not a project manager, but me personally. I stand behind our work, and I do that by being there to see for myself, and by being always available to you. If you have any questions, you can call me directly. We always aim to exceed your expectations.

3. We know the process of building a home starts with a good plan.

Maybe you already have a plan in mind. If not, we will work with you and our skilled and trusted architects to create a perfect plan. We make sure that it suits the site, calls for using quality materials, meets or exceeds technical specs, and above all, will be the embodiment of your vision and dreams. We work within your budget, but we will never compromise on value.

4. We can build any style.

Is your dream home in the Low Country style of Charleston, with lots of windows, gracious porches and maybe an elevated first floor? Or maybe you prefer the High Country craftsman style of Greenville and Asheville, with plenty of wood beams and a rustic retreat feel. Or something completely different and unique. When you build with us, you don’t have to settle for “close enough.” That’s why we believe in the value of custom-built. You bring us a vision of your dream home, and we bring it to life.

5. We guarantee our quality.

Custom Home Builder in Charlotte NC - DetailWe are viewed as best in class by our peers. One proof of that is that we are an approved Southern Living Custom Builder. Southern Living Magazine doesn’t allow just anyone to be associated with their brand. This is an invitation-only program. A building company has to be nominated by a builder in the program and then still go through a rigorous approval process. Members are chosen for their extensive experience and knowledge, and their reputation in the marketplace. Southern Living Custom Builder Program representatives visit homes built by potential members before they allowed into the program. Representatives look for craftsmanship, care, excellence in architecture and focus on the discriminating customer– all the values we stand by.

4. Another way that we guarantee our quality

We have a 10-year Quality Builders Warranty backed by Liberty Mutual Insurance. This represents the highest screening standards in the industry. You can have confidence in our integrity and our construction.

5. Want even more reasons to trust Everett Custom Homes to build for you?

Read our Customer Reviews on HOUZZ (also available on the homepage of our website). We take customer satisfaction seriously. Our reviewers use terms like “craftsmanship and detail,” “quality and professionalism” and “hands-on” to describe us. Read them for yourself!

6. When you trust us to build your home, you have full control.

You never have to settle. If there is a conflict between your dream and the realities of the site, we will find a way to honor your vision. This is perfect if you have a specific idea for your dream home.

7. When we build for you, you have much more flexibility.

When searching for a pre-built home, you always face the conflict between a finding a neighborhood/setting that you love, and finding the actual home you like best. It’s often difficult to find the right home on the right property. But when you work with us, that’s not an issue. Once you’ve found your location, your dream home will be built right there. It’s one less thing to worry about.

8. Having your home custom-built is the height of convenience.

When you build your own home, you build it according to your lifestyle. You’ll have everything you need where you need it, making it a perfect fit for your family. If you believe in getting it right the first time, then you’ll agree that custom is the way to go. It’s the ultimate luxury that’s available within your budget.

9. When choose a new custom-built home with Everett, you can be assured that everything will be up to code. Code is a minimum standard.

We are scrupulous about meeting or exceeding requirements. This means you end up with a top-of-the-line, energy efficient home with lower monthly energy costs, and a home that will last through generations.

10. When you buy pre-built, there are usually repairs or upgrades that need to be made.

With a new home built with care, everything from the roof and exteriors to the plumbing and electrical systems are new. When you move in, there will be no unpleasant surprises waiting for you.

Custom Home Building Charlotte North Carolina - OwnerMy name is Eric Brown, and I will be personally involved with building your home from the first to the last day. Building quality homes is not just a job for me; it’s my life’s work, and I’m dedicated to it. I would love to make your dream home a reality.

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