Five Reasons Why You Should Build Your New Home in Charlotte, NC

Five Reasons Why You Should Build Your New Home in Charlotte, NC

Picture of Downtown Charlotte - Custom Home Builder - 5 Reasons to build your home in Charlotte.The good life.  That’s what we’re all after.  Now that you’ve decided get closer to the good life by building your own home, the next decision is, where?  Where you live will have a huge impact on the quality of your life, so choose carefully.  Here are five reasons why you should choose Charlotte, NC to be your new home-town.

In Charlotte, you can:

1.    Get outside

Lots of outdoor activities
If you love the great outdoors, Charlotte is for you!  It’s known for its beautiful golf courses, and you can play all year round.  The incomparable Blue Ridge Mountains, perfect for hiking, are nearby.   Also nearby are many freshwater rivers and lakes for plenty of water fun.  If you’re a water rat, you really need to check out the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte – it has one of the largest manmade rivers in the world, where you can come to kayak, canoe, or go whitewater rafting.   And of course, there’s always NASCAR.

Beautiful landscapes
One of the first things people notice when they come here is our abundance of gorgeous trees.  In fact, Charlotte is listed among the 10 Best cities for Urban Forests.  When our flowering trees are in bloom, it can take your breath away, and in the summer, our streets are lush with green trees lining the streets.  Flowers bloom all year round, and we have lots of parks, greenways and trails.  It just seems easier to be happy when you’re surrounded by such beauty.

Four-season climate
Charlotte is known for beautiful weather – blue skies and bright sunshine.  Yes, our summers can be sultry – that’s why we love our sweet tea! – but they’re balanced by mild winters and beautiful springs and falls.  Whatever you love to do in the outdoors, you can do it here every month of the year!

2.    Get control of your money

Low cost of living
The good life is easier to grasp in Charlotte.  The average cost of living in here is 23% below the national average – in fact, it’s the 12th lowest cost of living compared to the top 40 metro areas in the nation.  We also have the 12th lowest residential property tax rates when compared to the largest city in each state.   Our mild climate helps keep heating and cooling costs low. And, the average total cost of utilities in Charlotte is lower than the national average.  All that means more of your money can go to creating your good life!

3.    Go exploring

Charlotte has lots of character, with many distinctive neighborhoods, each with its own feel.  The South End boasts the farmers’ market, art galleries, great restaurants, antique shops and awesome food trucks.  NoDa (North Davidson) is an arty, bohemian-chic neighborhood, with galleries, food, bars, tattoo shops, and live music.  Plaza-Midwood is an ethnically and socially diverse neighborhood which has become the epitome of cool city living.  Grand Southern estates, historic street-car communities, and vibrant and exciting eclectic neighborhoods – there’s always something to discover in Charlotte!

4.    Keep learning, growing and playing

Lifelong learning
Charlotte’s educational offerings are not just for our children!  The city enjoys a bustling community of adult learners, from young professionals to retirees.  In fact, the adult education opportunities are part of what makes Charlotte so attractive to people of all ages.  Central Piedmont Community College offers personal enrichment classes, as well as small business classes and coaching.  Plus, the various universities offer continuing education classes.  With this much going on, you can keep learning and growing your whole life long.

Culture, Music and the Arts

Charlotte has attracted a growing population of creative professionals, and it supports a vibrant arts community.  We have a wide range of museums – a science museum for children, historic museums, and several art museums.  We have 13 local theater and dance companies, and many performance venues.  We’ve got a happening music scene, with live music venues like the Music Factory, Neighborhood Theater and the Double Door.  The Festival in the Park, held in Freedom Park, will celebrate its 50th year this year.  More and more great restaurants are opening up all the time, and we’ve got local, craft beer breweries, too.

5.    Have a good life

People are just friendlier here in Charlotte
Charlotte is a lively, growing and modern city, but we still retain the tradition of Southern charm and hospitality.  People take time to sit and chat, and when you build here, you’re likely to get to know your neighbors.  We look after each other, and we value connections.  Yes, Charlotte is a big city with all the challenges that urban centers around the country face, but you’ll find a quality of life here that is unmatched elsewhere.  It just feels right.  If you look around, you’ll see people who tend to be happy and approachable.  It feels like home.

Come build and live in Charlotte, and find the good life for yourself right here!

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