Home Design Trends of 2016

Home Design Trends of 2016

Here are some of the hottest home construction and design trends to help inspire you.

Statement Staircases

No longer enough to merely serve a practical purpose, the staircase is being re-imagined as a design element. The possibilities are endless, including spiral staircases, glass accents, beautiful tile designs, rustic elements like iron posts, or hand-painted whimsical images on rises. Some staircases incorporate storage, nook or window seating, or built-in bookcases or display beneath the stairs as part of the staircase design.

Reclaimed Wood Accents

After years of industrial or stark white interiors, those looking for a sleek, contemporary home are seeking a warmer version of the look. Wood accents, often exotic or repurposed wood, do wonders for adding warmth and texture. Board and batten siding, brickwork, concrete, steel and other industrial elements are being used in unexpected places, creating interesting textural contrasts and a rustic but contemporary style.

Pamper Your Pet

Home designers are incorporating the doggy bathroom. This area of the house provides an ideal spot for bathing your pet with drainage and traps to catch shedding hair. In the kitchen, built-in storage for pet food, specially-designed areas for food and water bowls, and pet-friendly flooring just make sense.

Home Gyms, Hobby Areas and Wine Cellars

Specialized gaming areas allow family members to practice their tennis swing indoors, of course, but it can go beyond that. Indoor bowling alleys, indoor basketball courts, indoor full-length lap pools or more compact “swim machines” that allow you to swim against a moving current are all the rage.

Those who prefer arts, crafts, tinkering, model-making or even three-D printing are making sure they have dedicated spaces for these hobbies. No longer content to use a corner of the living room, dedicated hobby spaces let creative types spread out without creating clutter all over.

Personal wine cellars are a growing trend, including temperature-controlled climate, cooling units, display cases and table and seating for dining.

Prep Kitchens

To keep kitchens looking neat even while in the midst of entertaining, hidden mini prep kitchens are the ultimate secret tool. Tucked away near a pantry, small appliances and cutting and prep areas can keep the chaos hidden, making entertaining look as easy as it does on television.

Smart Homes

Builders are incorporating electric plugs with built-in USB charging ports throughout floor plans to help you connect your life a little bit better. Internet-connected appliances, thermostats, lighting and locks are on the rise in popularity.


Incorporating natural beauty into the home adds peace and serenity to your daily life. One way to create this relaxing atmosphere is to add a water fixture. Whether indoors or outdoors the soft bubbling of a waterfall provides a peaceful ambiance to any area.

Improving the Flow of Daily Life

Especially in temperate zones, the hard-and-fast barrier between the indoors and the outdoors is disappearing. Modern design include features like floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls, movable or stackable doors or sliding panels and pools that span from indoors to outdoors. The key is connecting the indoor and outdoor space to improve the flow in your home.

Green Building

As nature and harmony have become home themes, buyers are also interested in being environmentally conscious. Low-impact, green and sustainable elements are key. Incorporating native species in landscaping; protecting wetlands and the local ecology; using permeable pavement and reusable materials – all reflect this concern. And of course, green energy elements like solar panels and energy-optimized architectural design saves money as well as being gentle on the planet.

Although many of these trends are clustered in the highest end of the market, expect to see more mid-range home designs also incorporating aspects of these ideas. With all these fresh design and construction innovations, today’s home builders and buyers can design a home that’s everything your heart desires: a customized, perfect-fit home limited only by your imagination.

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