Ten Projects That Increase Your Homes Value….and Help Sell It Later

Ten Projects That Increase Your Homes Value….and Help Sell It Later

1. Your grand entrance. It is the first impression. Curb appeal… It’s true. Make that front door current, clean and appealing. Steel replacement doors almost double your investment and save on energy to boot. Freshen up the glass and hardware if it applies as well as the trim, pillars and lighting. Plantings and the walk way should be fresh. The plants should be healthy and look like they’ve been thriving. By the way allow that walk way to curve it’s way to the front step and, make sure those steps are crack free and in prime condition.

Cost to you: $50 – $2000
Added Value to Home: $2,000 – $10,000

2. A lot of paint goes a long, long way. Freshen up all the walls if they are tired, dirty and in need of updating in terms of color. Stay neutral: light sand, pale grays, picket fence white. Nothing breathes new into a home like fresh neutral colors and stay consistent through out the house.

Cost to you: $50-$250
Added Value to Home: $1,000 – $5,000

3. All flooring in clean, good working order. You and others don’t want to live in old allergens and smells that carpets and rugs absorb. That means old rugs OUT. If it can’t be cleaned or is worn flat remove it. In general replace wall to wall carpeting with good laminate – wood or tile look – or actual tile in larger scale.. Some tiles that are 12” square look dated before they’re installed so check to see what is top-selling in floor design.If you have the budget, engineered hardwood flooring will give your home value on the highest end.

Cost to you: $150-$25,000
Added Value to Home: $1,000 – $40,000

4. Put your money into the kitchen for returns on average of 75-80%. Minor kitchen remodels involve new cabinet hardware, tiled backsplash and new floors to new appliances…some or all really give the kitchen a huge boost.

Cost to you: $500-$4000
Added Value to Home: $875-$8,000

5. Remodel the bathroom. The bathroom remodel always gives returns and has the largest impact on you the owner and the eventual buyer: on average of 75-80%. Avoid cover ups and go down to studs to install new tile on walls and floor. New vanity with built in stone counter and sink don’t have to kill your budget, nor do pleasing new plumbing hardware and lighting.

Cost to you: $2,000-$9,000
Added Value to Home: $3,500-$15,750

6. Do yourself and others a favor and remove the popcorn ceiling. Then paint it. You will enjoy a very updated and bright home. Nothing dates a home like a popcorn party on the ceiling. Do-it-yourselfers can get softeners to make removal easier.

Cost to you: $80-$450
Added Value to Home: $700 – $4,000

7. Hire a home inspector. Prevent or address issues like the roof, foundation, furnace, plumbing and electrical work before they become costly issues. If there are issues put together a plan and time table to address all or as much as you can.

Cost to you: $175-$45,000
Added Value to Home: $700 – $90,000

8. Update your windows. Windows leaking, damaged and gassing? Replace them. Wood trim is most preferred but you will still get a similar return (upwards of 90%) with vinyl replacement windows. The windows will do more to make your entire house look decades younger and improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Cost to you: $6000-$50,000
Added Value to Home: $11,000 – $94,500

9. Tame the jungle! Yup. Get out there or hire a landscape service to trim that grass reclaim borders and prune the trees away from the roof and away from windows and siding. Neglect on the outside most always reads neglect on the inside. Where theres’s dead spots or tired shrubs, replace them with native species that work well for their new location.

Cost to you: $1-$500
Added Value to Home: $1,000 – $5,000

10. Simplify and declutter your interior. Back inside…do you own the home or do your things own you? Declutter, simplify, throw out, unload, donate…If you take everything out of a room and gradually put back one thing at a time…and then stop before 1/2 of the original contents goes back…then you have learned a very refreshing and valuable design tip. If you are selling, NO ONE wants to see your cute curtains (replace with white blinds), or wallpaper (take it down!),nor photos, fake floral arrangements or personal collections…of ANY kind. If you can relegate oversized items and equipment to a garage corner or off site storage, then do it. People…enjoy the freedom of cleaner, larger, open spaces.

Cost to you: $1-$500
Added Value to Home: $1,000 – $6,000

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