DIY’s to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

DIY’s to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Many new homeowners spend the bulk of their time remodeling and fixing up the inside of their home. Meanwhile the exterior of a home is one of the most important parts to maintain. Why is that? If the exterior of the home is not solid and intact then the interior of the home is in jeopardy. Think about it, water leaks in the roof, rot in the siding of the house, etc. Take the time when buying a home to have the exterior inspected to avoid the extensive costs of having to repair something like the siding and/or other outdoor elements. With that extra money you saved smartly investing in inspections you may be able to spend some extra cash improving the way your home looks on the outside as well as on the inside.

Once you have purchased your home there are plenty of different ways to improve the look of your home’s exterior. Some of the projects involve more cash funds than others but overall they all will help to improve the look of your home’s exterior. Whether you want to complete the projects yourself or hire a professional, take the time to plan our your home improvement projects and make every detail count.

Build a Walkway to The Entrance of Your Home

First impressions are everything and it is important to have a proper walkway or designated way to approach your home. Take the time to design a walkway up to the front door that is properly laid out. If you are the proud owner of a Cape, colonial or Tudor style house a stone walkway is a handsome way to help tie together the landscape with your home. Using real stone adds an element of quality to the property, too.

Make your walkway inviting. Think about incorporating gentle curves into the walkway and adding fragrant flowers along the edges to make a more enjoyable experience for your guests. An additional detail to include an inviting walkway is to ensure that two people may be able to walk side by side up to the entrance. Keep the front area up to your home clear of clutter and trash to make sure that your yard is pleasing enough to those passing by.

Include Symmetrical Elements at The Entrance

Add to the entrance of your home by including symmetrical elements such as stone pillars, columns or planters. Symmetry is attractive to the human eye and by adding elements to the home that create balance is a great exterior home improvement idea. Stone pillars are a great design element if your home is rustic in style and may be an option as a support structure for a front porch. Columns are also great to consider but put thought into the size of the columns because let’s face it if you go too small or too large they may look a bit strange.

Planters filled with small trees or flowers are a nice design element to include with your front entrance and around your patio or porch. Pick plants that are evergreen or annuals or better yet there is the option to rotate through seasonal elements to keep the front entrance looking fresh.


As owners of a new home (or maybe new to you), the default landscape efforts of your builder may be a bit skimpy or nonexistent. Take the opportunity to fill in the landscape and design outdoor spaces that you and your family will make use of. When you choose what to plant in your yard keep in mind the amount of upkeep the plants require because a garden is only as good as its gardener. Keep the plants and shrubbery in your yard maintained. Your plants should be neatly trimmed and remove any dead plants that may create a potential eyesore. Consider using boulders or rocks as additional natural elements to your landscape. Stone walls can be a nice option as well for your yard.

Freshen up with a Coat of Paint

A coat of paint may be one of the easiest touch ups you can do for your home’s exterior. It is a necessary task every 5-15 years to scrape, prime and repaint the exterior paint job. Don’t wait until the paint starts noticeably peeling off the sides of your home to take care of your home. When you select a paint color stick with neutral and natural colors. Avoid anything too over the top and stick with colors that are traditional for your style home. This website has great color scheme recommendations based on different style homes.

Accent Lighting

Upgrade the lighting around the entrance to your home to create a more inviting entryway for you and your guests. Not only does this look more inviting, better lighting makes the front door area a safer space for you and your family. If you have a sole overhead light, add a pair of lanterns or sconces to either side of the front door of your house to make the area brighter.

There are a number of ways to improve your home’s exterior whether it be a cosmetic adjustment or perhaps structural repairs. Exterior home improvements will help add value to your home or investment property. Hopefully this blog provided some inspiration and an idea or two to help improve the exterior of your home. Some of the projects involve more cash funds than others but overall they will all help to improve your home’s exterior.

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