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Everett Custom Homes is well known for our technical ability, attention to detail and the outstanding craftsmanship of our staff and subcontractors. We have had the privilege to work with many highly talented architects and collaborate using our knowledge and expertise to bring both the client and the architect's ideas and designs to life.


One of the things that sets Everett Custom Homes apart is that we are not limited by architectural style, complexity of design or scope of the project in our service offerings. Everett Custom Homes is a full service home builder with 3 main services and the experience to effectively manage and construct any custom residential project no matter how big or small. Whether you need an addition, a remodel or a an Everett Custom home, we provide a lasting value that consistently obtains the highest appreciation in the marketplace and return on investment for our clients.

We provide the following services-

Custom Home Design • Build

From start to finish, we provide assistance in all details of your new home build, from developing the initial concept for your home to the design and completion of every detail.  We build all of our homes for health, efficiency and mold/pest/disaster resistance. Whether you’ve met with an architects who has started to compose the details that perfect your dream home or you want us to customize a  pre-selected plan, we have the team and resources to make your design right and provide the quality you expect with a Everett Custom Home. We will work with you to ensure that we have down our best so that our seamless approach to design-build translates into a high-quality build and enjoyable experience for you. Starting from a blank slate or pre-existing plan to move-in may seem overwhelming but our process, team, and experience make it easy.


Whether you have a growing family, need more space for the grandkids, a home office, new master bathroom or more space for culinary endeavors Everett Custom Homes can make this dream a reality. Much like building a home we start with our proven process and work our way to making your house more functional for you and perfecting your idea. Using a custom home builder for an addition is incredibly beneficial because of the design-build nature of our business we can provide with a solution that will work within the aesthetic of your pre-existing home while providing architectural and structural soundness. An addition is a great way to increase the value of the house in which you call homes and meet ever changing needs.


Cost, value added, options, and practicality are all subjects to address when considering an alteration or renovation to your home. As with any Everett project we will meet with you to understand your design and budgetary constraints and then give you an accurate estimate of the time and financial commitment of any type of renovation, addition, or special project. As a custom home building team we understand the requirements from foundation to finish in such efforts, and we are well-known for our spectacular transformation of living spaces and entire homes. We meet with lots of clients who have homes that they love or that have potential and they are trying to maximize their value and return on investment. Remodeling for Everett Custom Homes can open the flow of your home’s interior, extend your square footage, add another story, renovate an attic, choose an exterior facelift, make over a kitchen or bath, or convert your whole home. We always work hard to create a space with the character that you choose—one that blends with the original structure or seamlessly converts the overall look of your house to your preferred home.